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A bunch of links to Wetland sites!  Growing up in South Florida on the edge of the Everglades, I guess I've always loved wetlands, swamps, marshes, etc.  We actually had alligators in the canal in our back yard many times!  We swam there all the time too!  Here in New England,  the bogs and wetlands are a special treat, especially with the changing seasons.  Fall is a real beauty.  So put your boots on and get out there and explore, before the skeeters return!

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Water Environment Web
Wetland Ecosystems Research Group (UMass)
MGBNet Wetland Links
Wetland Regulation Center (
Hydric Soils of the United States
1996 National List of Vascular Plant Species that Occur in Wetlands
EPA Wetlands Sites
Watersheds- Info on Wetlands
WetNet- The Wetlands Network
Links to "other" Wetland related links
National Wetlands Inventory
Montana Wetland Info Clearinghouse
EPA Acid Rain Home Page
EPA Program Links (great set of links!)
EPA Watershed Page (Wetlands Division)
Massachusetts Wetland Inventory Maps
Wetlands Publications (University of Massachusetts)
Simple Aquatic Insect Identification

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Tim Driskell March,1998

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