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Baxter State Park, Maine

  On the summit of Katadin; 5280 feet.  Highest point in Main; end of the Appalachian trail.  First ascent for me,  but have gone back many times since.  Knife Edge in background.  We did KnifeEdge R/T, then down Hamlin Ridge.  Very long day.  Perfect weather.  Summer solstice and full moon weekend.  Stayed at Chimney Pond three nights.

  Cow moose and two young'un on the trail at Baxter.  She *almost* mauled Dann the night before!  Never seen Dann so scared in all my life!!

  Summit of Pamola, five minutes before lightning almost killed us all!  Everyone's hair was standing strait up!  A bolt a hundred meters away lifted us into the air.  Nearly bought the farm.

  First part of "Knife Edge"  (2000 foot drop on both sides; trail 3 feet wide in places!)  Pamola summit in background, halfway between Ricky and Dann.  Next day we Dudley Ridge up Pamola (up left ridgeline), almost blasted by lightning in big thunder/hail-storm during lunch on summit.

   Hugh blazer our last night!  Heavy rain, so we went around and invited the entire campsite to join us.  Hauled many logs back to camp.   Very wild night!    (Rick slept on picnic table)

Baxter State Park, Maine   Six Hour drive,  but truly the
ultimate backcountry experience in New England.
  page by Tim Driskell   March '98
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