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Links to all kinds of great music sites!

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Some of my favoritemusic places:

Neil Young (my soul mate, godfather, and spiritual fix)
BOB DYLAN (we get by with a little help from our friends!)
Frank Zappa (my page of FZ stuff)
Jimmy Buffett      Randy Newman    Grateful Dead
Talking Heads   Allman Brothers    Jimi Hendrix

All the folks listed above are a few  of the fixes that have helped lead me along a very plesant and peaceful journey through time and space!!   Lots of blues and jazz help maintain the groove!

Charley Dee Blues Band (voted BEST Local Blues Band in 1997/98)
Wilson and Alroy's RECORD Reviews (Great place!)
George Harrison
Columbia House Music
BMG Music
the "Ultimate Band list"
Tom Wagners music page
Christmas Midi files
Standard MIDI files on the net
Apple City Midi Files
Jimmy Buffet Midi Music files
some HARP and Blues links
Wilson and Alroy's RECORD Reviews (Great place!)
Dixieland and Jazz Overview, Part 1
BluesLinks (an Incredible set of links to the World of Blues)
Individual Artist MIDI Pages
The Virtual Musician
Music Search
BMG Music Search_(good place to purchase inexpensive CD's or just see what is available)

Tons of FREE and LIVE Music and other AUDIO on the web now!!!
The free REALPLAYER G2 beta is Excellent !  It has lots of presets to several of the Radio and TV Real-time continuous broadcasts, and everything is free. The RealGuide lists and links to everything currently playing. Visit their site at Realplayer, and download the G2 Beta,  you'll love it! is a site that connects you to live and recorded web concerts.
Don't forget Crescendo,  their audioplayer is still one of the standards.

Visit my SOFTWARE page for more personally tested and recommended  downloadable freeware.
(I have no connection to any of these companies, I just like to pass along info about stuff that I've found useful, easy to install and use, and best of all FREE! Lot's of cyberfriends, especially Bob in Hawaii, have turned me on to some really cool and useful cybertools (like NetMeeting!)
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