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Tim's HEALTH Links
Medical and Health Information on the Internet (Hundreds of great links)
MedHelp (great site)
New England Journal of Medicine
Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA)
AltMed Web (alternate medicine)
Doctor's Guide to the Internet
The Cool Medical Site Of The Week
Health/Medical Sites
Thyroid Home Page
US Food & Drug Admin-Center for Drug Research
The Medical Education Page
National Institutes of Health
American Medical Association
Nutrition and Fitness Links
I used to be so out'a shape and unhealthy.  Climbing up three flights of stairs would do me in.  When I got into backpacking with Dann (to avoid the new DWI laws), I realized I was a heart-attack just waiting to happen.  When I finally gave up cigarette smoking,  my whole life changed.  I started running, biking, eating better, and even dropped my cholesterol a hundred points.  I realized that good lungs, heart and legs would be critical to really enjoying all of life's opportunities.  Here are some great links to help answer  some of your questions about health, fitness and nutrition.
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