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I will probably name my next cat "El Nino" (or else Mookie!).  We now know that this weather phenomena is real, and has caused incredible property damage and suffering.  It seems however that it is just another one of this planet's dynamic processes for balancing its energy budget, much like hurricanes, tornados, and nor'easters.
KFWB Webservice: El Nino (the ULTIMATE RealTime El Nino site!)
El Nino(9th grade student project)
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Table of Contents - El Nino
Ocean Update
El Nino the Culprit for Unusual Central American Weather
An In-Depth Look at the "Mystery" of El Nino
Satellites confirm that El Nino is back and strong
Preparing for El Nino - Winter storms, rain, flooding, San Francisco
Storm97: El Nino: On The Net
What is El Niņo? USAToday El Nino Index
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El Nino and Climate Prediction (short Bibliography-no links)
World Weather Links
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World Climate Report - What's Hot
El Nino Preparedness
NOAA/PMEL/TAO 1997 El Nino and Climate Info
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  Rick's Meteorology stuff
 e-mail link to Bob K., an NWS weather forecaster in Hawaii
I was down in Peru this past year, and saw the concern of the many villagers.  In the middle of one five-day inland "adventure" on the Bolivia/Brazil/Peru frontier,  we built a raft out of Balsa trees and floated 15 km. down the river.  We saw and heard all kinds of wildlife, including Howler Monkeys and even a jaguar!  That night we stayed with a local family high up on the riverbank.  An incredible rainstorm overnight brought the river up about six feet, trashed our raft, and we had to hike out through the jungle.  We heard on the radio a few nights later that the flooding had killed 21 villagers in one village!
Huge amounts of "el nino" data are being collected and are available via real-time web access.  If you are a weather-nut like I am, you'll spend many hours poking around some of these weather links.

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