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Billy Ward Pond
Ashburnham, Massachusetts
This is the "unofficial" home page of Billy Ward Pond
 Mission Statement Goals Annual Meetings
Coalition of Lakes & Ponds Dues/Assessment Trust Fund
Members Officers Town Officials E-mail Links
Topo Map of Pond
     Our Weed Treatment Policy    Chemical treatment of BWP
Newsletter Ads/Subscriptions        Watershed
                  Ashburnham Conservation Commission       State Regulations for Boats
     Water Testing    Pond Ecology      BWP Library/Videos Available
      BWP Non-profit Status    Summer Socials
State Environmental issues (ex: Exotic Weed Bill now before the Legislature)
BWP Cleanup              BWP Road Cleanup                Yard Sale
Fund Raisers                    Upcoming events
   BWP Investments
     Kid's Page
     Wildlife/Plants of BWP
     e-mail directory
Mass DOR report

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