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trail conditions from the big Ice Storms of '98
White Mtn (NH) Weather
Today's Weather Conditions Atop Mount Washington
Green Mtn Club (GMC, Vermont)
Adirondack Mtn Club (ADK, New York)
AMC = Appalachian Money Collectors? (first coined by "Albee" in the 80's)
I used to do lots of volunteer stuff with the AMC, although lately they have some strange political agenda that seems to have alienated myself and many of my hiking/climbing/paddling/biking buddies.  Nonetheless, they offer many excellent programs, and a good method for meeting and hooking up with outdoor-oriented folks.
(... but much better to join the RMC (Randolph Mtn. Club); for $20 a year you won't get discounts on anything, but you will help support the best all-volunteer outdoor organization in the state.  Their backcountry facilities are beautiful timberline cabins, less than $10 a night, always self-service, first-come first-served, and they won't send you away in a blizzard at dark like the AMC Huts will...)
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